Welcome to Salmon Ruins!

Come visit us and see all that we have to offer...

  • Tour our 11th century ruins and a Chacoan great house
  • Experience  a 19th century homestead
  • Picnic under our ramada
  • Investigate replicas of a sweatlodge, hogan, tipi, or pithouse
  • View ancient artifacts, as well as interesting new exhibits
  • Research and read in our library, specializing in the archaeology and history of the American Southwest
  • Browse our gift shop,  filled with locally handcrafted Native American items and archaeological reference materials

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Our Mission
The purpose of our organization is to:
  • Conserve the historic and prehistoric resources, landmarks, remains, and records of the Four Corners Area (primarily the San Juan County of New Mexico and adjacent States and Counties) and to make them more generally known to the public.
  • Establish and maintain a museum or museums in the area for the storage, preservation and display of artifacts and records.
  • Cooperate with and encourage worthy movements that have as their object the advancement of and interest in the area's historic and prehistoric cultures, native arts and crafts of the southwest, and the advancement of knowledge in the natural history and natural resources of the area.
San Juan County Museum Association By-Laws, (Revised, 1996)