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You bring the adventurous spirit,
we'll supply the archaeology!

Bows & Arrows

Part of our mission is to bring greater knowledge and understanding of modern Native American cultures through their own chosen outlet of traditional Arts and Crafts.  We are proud to host many local Native artists in our gift shop.  They bring a wide array of collectibles, including Folk Art, Jewelry, Pottery, Sculptures, and Beadwork, just to name a few.  We buy from them directly, and resell to you at a minimal mark up so that our items are not only authentic in every way, but also affordable.  There are very few art galleries or trading posts who could legitimately make the same clam, as many of them increase the price tenfold or more above what they will ultimately pay the artist.  Please browse and shop, as each purchase directly helps our museum.  The website allows PayPal payments, but if you prefer we would be happy to take your order over the phone.  During the pandemic we are closed, so phone sales can only be conducted Monday-Friday, excluding holidays, from 9am-4pm Mountain Standard Time.  We will get the package mailed to you as quickly as possible!  And once again, THANK YOU for your support!

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