#5437. (CD) CROW CANYON: THE   

​Rock Art Imagery by Peggy and Doyne Loyd

New Mexico


(Subject to Prior Sale)

Thirty-Five Years of Archaeological Research at Salmon Ruins, New Mexico

2006   Paul F. Reed, Editor

      #1499   Volume I.  Introduction, Architecture,

                    Chronology, and Conclusions  -  $30

      #1500   Volume II.   Ceramic Studies  -  $25

      #1501   Volume III.   Archaeobotanical Research and

                    Other Analytical Studies  -  $35

      #1502   Three Volume Set  -  $80 

​Prehistory of the Middle Rio Puerco Valley, Sandoval County New Mexico.

​2003    Larry L. Baker and Stephen R. Durand, Editors

      #1202  -  $27

​The Chaco Meridian (Second Edition)

​2015    Stephen H. Lekson

      #1640  -  $34

​Chaco's Northern Prodigies: Salmon, Aztec, and the  Ascendency of the Middle San Juan Region After AD1100

​2008   Paul F. Reed, Editor

      #1632  -  $55

​Blankets and Weaving in the Southwest

​2003   Joe Ben Wheat, with Anne L. Hedlund, Editor

      #1300  -  $75

​Astronomy and Ceremony in the Ancient Southwest Revisited

​2014   Gregory E Munson, Todd W. Bostwick, and Tony Hull, Editors

      #1767  -  $30

Embedded Symmentries, Natural and Cultural

​2004    Dorothy K. Washburn and Anne L. Woosley

      #1381 - $70

Trail Guide, Salmon Ruins

​      ​#1719  -  $3

The Artistry and History of Mata Ortiz (Second Edition)

​2010   John V. Bezy and Stuart D. Scott

      #1786  -  $30

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Handmade by Arlene or Donald Coolidge, Navajo Nation

Approximate Measurement: 17"x 3.5"


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​              REPLICA BOWL

Hand-built, Traditional Firing

By Christian Anderson

New Mexico

Approximate Measurement: 8"x4"


Several Sizes & Styles Available

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Handmade by Carmina Florez


Approximate Measurement:  3.5"x1.5"


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Handmade by Mae Martin

Navajo Nation

Approximate Measurement: 5.5"x2"x3.2"


Several Sizes and Versions Available

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