WEDNESDAY June 21, 2023 will be our Annual Summer Solstice Alignment.  Please join us for a guided tour of Salmon Ruins, including a view of the visual alignment, at 7AM in front of the museum entrance if you would like to experience this event yourself.  Call the museum for details at 505-632-2013.

  Summer Solstice Event

Site Stewards Program

The mission of archaeology is to educate the public about the people and technology of the past, but also to Protect sites so that responsible visitors will be able to enjoy them for generations to come. With thousands of sites throughout the region, it takes an army of volunteers to help monitor and protect the most endangered ones.  Interested?  Sign up and train here at Salmon Ruins!

  Gift Shop

Our gift shop is filled with many wonders of the Southwest.  We make a point of showcasing Native American artists from the local area and their special art or craft, and we are without a doubt the most affordable source of authentic Southwestern keepsakes outside of a Reservation.  Come, browse a while, let us help you find something special to take back home with you!

OPEN 9-5 daily, Access to grounds is permitted through museum ONLY.

Chacoan Outlier, Museum, Historic Homestead  

The four-corners region of the American Southwest contains thousands of archaeological and natural wonders hidden within millions of square miles of public land.  Fortunately our tour guides are professional archaeologists with extensive knowledge and experience in the area.  All tours are a full day, and are limited to six people maximum.  Email or call the museum to book your excursion.    

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Private Archaeology Tours

You bring the adventurous spirit,
we'll supply the archaeology!