Travel Guide New Mexico: Salmon Ruins and Heritage Park, Bloomfield, New Mexico
by Richard Holcomb

(Courtesy Richard Holcomb,

Travel Guide New Mexico, and

Cliffdweller Digital, Rio Rancho, NM)

3D Reconstruction of the site by Jason Hayes

Salmon Ruins at Night.

Light Painting


Association Member Ron Hunt


Old Navajo Man on Reservation
Ramon Rice (1928-1985)​
Oil on Masonite


Joni Beckstead, Donor

John and Diana Beckstead Collection

Salmon Ruins Museum

Salmon Ruins and the San Juan County Museum Association are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

​​​​Salmon Ruins Museum

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Ancient America -

The Secret Chaco in Nageezi, NM. - FULL Documentary
by American Mysteries and Conspiracies

(Provided via

Observed by Many (2010 Solstice Event)


​N. Sweet Espinosa, 2010


​Salmon Ruins Museum Collection

Salmon Ruins -

Ancient Nové Mexiko

by asmaguto 

(Provided via

Symbols and Seedlings


Lawrence Chvotzkin, 2013
​Watercolor & Ink on Paper


Art in Public Places

New Mexico Arts

Department of Cultural Affairs