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Salmon Ruins at Night.

Light Painting


Association Member Ron Hunt


Old Navajo Man on Reservation
Ramon Rice (1928-1985)​
Oil on Masonite


Joni Beckstead, Donor

John and Diana Beckstead Collection

Salmon Ruins Museum

Salmon Ruins -

Ancient Nové Mexiko

by asmaguto 

(Provided via YouTube.com)

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Symbols and Seedlings


Lawrence Chvotzkin, 2013
​Watercolor & Ink on Paper


Art in Public Places

New Mexico Arts

Department of Cultural Affairs

Observed by Many (2010 Solstice Event)


​N. Sweet Espinosa, 2010


​Salmon Ruins Museum Collection

Travel Guide New Mexico: Salmon Ruins and Heritage Park, Bloomfield, New Mexico
by Richard Holcomb

(Courtesy Richard Holcomb,

Travel Guide New Mexico, and

Cliffdweller Digital, Rio Rancho, NM)

Ancient America -

The Secret Chaco in Nageezi, NM. - FULL Documentary
by American Mysteries and Conspiracies

(Provided via YouTube.com)